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There is no conflict between Islam and peace: UGC Chairman



IIU Live: There is no conflict between holy religion Islam and peace. Islam has always spoken of giving up peace destroyers. In present world, a section of half educated and unforeseen people are interpreting Islam falsely and making new generation astray and also imbuing them with militancy.

In this way they are introducing Islam as militancy cherishing religion to the global community. As a result, wrong perception is being created among the people about Islam. UGC Chairman Professor Abdul Mannan made the observation while speaking as the Chief Guest at the inaugural ceremony of two-day international conference on a�?World Peace, Security, Role of Islama�? at international Islamic University, Chittagong campus premises today.

Islamic scholars from 18 countries including Bangladesh, Sudan, Algeria, Malaysia, participated in the two-day seminar. Vice-Chancellor Professor K M Golam Muhiuddin of International Islamic University presided over it. Former Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Abdul Karim also spoke on the occasion.

UGC Chairman also said that when Hazrat Mohammad (s) formulated the first written constitution a�?Madina Sanada�? 1400 years ago, it was the first charter of secular and non-communalism.

Custom and roles for governing the countries have been formulated based on this charter in the first era of Islam. He posed a question a�?why are a section of orthodox people creating divisions among the people by causing intolerance in the name of religion and killing innocent people?a�? Professor Mannan further said that we have to conduct research on message of Islam to free Islam from militancy and it need to be spread out among this Muslim Ummah.

He asserted that Islam is not save at the hand of half educated people who are interpreting Islam falsely. He added that when Pakistan occupation forces had killed innocent people during liberation war of 1971, only Iraq raise voice against it among the Muslim countries of the world which was very painful. The participants from overseas countries in the conference strongly condemned Rohingya genocide committed in Myanmar.


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